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“Tourists aren’t the only ones unhappy with the environment. Soil-based flowers are in uproar about the unfairness of being impacted by happenings out of their control.”

The Queens Times by Petalpuff Stone

“I have passed this immense location for years, on a daily basis, and it had been neglected, overgrown with vegetation and had a well-worn path from foot traffic,” Varo said. “I thought how nice it would be to turn this heavily used lot space into a user-friendly art space.”

“In NYC, there are many, many, MANY artists looking for spaces to show their works, and often getting rejected. Meanwhile, we seem to have no shortage for a poorly maintained lot filled with overgrown weeds, litter and dead rodents.”

“A series of collaborative sculpting sessions between artists and the Elmhurst community to explore immigration, community conflict, using the green space near on/off ramps as opportunities for art

and communication.”

“The Elmhurst Sculpture Garden is a collaborative activism and revitalization project created with community volunteers.

“A once empty lot in Elmhurst is transformed into an art gallery, thanks to some local volunteers. NY1's Clodagh McGowan filed the following report.”

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