Elmhurst Sculpture Garden’s goal is to offer artists a safe place to display outdoor art and learn to revitalize public space. It’s an incubator with the intent that each artist brings what they’ve learned back to their community to revitalize an area, create art, and interact with their neighbors. The garden was established in 2017 by Yvonne Shortt and Mayuko Fujino. Imagine the possibilities if every artist took over a 10’x10’ public space in disarray and transformed it with art. Today it also has a Friends Group to help maintain the space.

Every Wednesday, join us for Clean-Up Day

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Elmhurst Sculpture Garden was once an overgrown dirty lot between Olive Garden and the off-ramp Long Island Expressway.


Yvonne Shortts and Mayuko Fujino founded Elmhurst Sculpture Garden, with the help of several volunteers, who cleaned the garden and installed sculptures. 


After many hours of labor and hard work, the overgrown lot became (now known as) the Elmhurst Sculpture Garden and is flourishing with art installations from artists around the community. The lot also serves the purpose of showing fellow artists how to go back to their communities, revitalize a public space, and have conversations with their neighbors.

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