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Title: Treeuphoria

Artist: Mayuko Fujino

Material: Mylar cutout

Size: 4 ft x 3 ft each, 4 pieces total

This artwork depicts birds and people dancing, intertwined with each other, half-hidden in real plants around the installation. Through bird-watching, I've learned that being attentive reveals all the beautiful and diverse living things in our immediate environment that were hidden from me by my own obliviousness. I want to reproduce this eye-opening experience I've had using art.

Mayuko Fujino is a papercut artist/illustrator from Tokyo based in NYC. She has been practicing her art since 1999 and her works have been exhibited internationally at locations such as Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA, and Jaffa Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel, and featured in a book which introduces 25 of the world's top papercraft illustrators compiled by noted papercraft illustrator Owen Gildersleeve entitled Paper Cut: An Exploration Into the Contemporary World of Papercraft Art and Illustration. Her clients include: NYC DoT, The Atlantic Magazine, Hallmark, Nokia, Panasonic, and Condé Nast.


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