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Title: Waking Blind

Artist: Yvonne Shortt

Year: 2018

Materials: Sculpted in Clay (Cast in Cement)

Size: 9"x6"x8"

"She sits basking in the sun while the viewer sits on a seat. The seat was designed/built with the help of 20 women who learned to cut wood, measuring, and SketchUp at my studio."- Yvonne Shortt. "Historically, people with my features haven’t found too many places besides the mirror to see ourselves reflected. Waking Blind is about identity and disability and draws from my cultural identity."- Yvonne Shortt

As a collaborative artist making public sculptures and installations, my intention is for the viewer to cross the traditional line and influence, change, or become part of the piece. My goal is to provoke thought and inspire conversation about community, race, equality, and disability. The community is regularly invited to design, create, and implement with me, whether building a tiny house or sculpting a young girl.

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